Amber of Ms. Centsible tells us why she decided to green her beauty routine

Why I went green.
Not as in vegetables (still working on that), but in my beauty routine. 
In 2014, I watched a video about ingredients in our makeup/body products and what they could potentially be linked to. Things like infertility, allergies, skin issues and even cancer are on that list. Now I don't live in fear, but if I see that my dumb body spray could be giving me one of those things perviously listed- BYE, see ya never! I quickly threw everything out and never looked back. Then I had no products and had to buy everything all over again (sorry finances). I haven't had the urge to go back and buy lipstick (or anything else) from the beauty store. You want to know why? Because there are SO many amazing non-toxic brands out there that are doing a great job. Not only are they doing a great job at making incredible products- but that are trying to change the beauty industry. Especially if green makeup and body products can perform incredibly, why even add those gross, toxic ingredients?! I believe that people now more than ever care about what they're putting in and on their bodies! So I'm thankful for brands that are paving the way to make safer products. 
Amber's favorite Bambu Earth product: Dry Shampoo
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Amber Hawthorne
Amber Hawthorne


Amber Hawthorne is the founder and formulator of Bambu Earth, a natural handcrafted skincare line made in small batches based out of Southern California where Amber resides with her husband and children.

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