6 Beauty and Wellness Items You Can Find In Your Man's Bathroom, and Why They're Ok

6 Beauty and Wellness Items You Can Find In Your Man's Bathroom, and Why They're Ok

August 23, 2018

6 Beauty and Wellness Items You Can Find In Your Man's Bathroom, and Why That's Ok


When in your significant other’s bathroom you can come across some unexpected items; including the following six beauty and wellness items which prove that self-care and beauty are not gender exclusive.


Finding moisturizer in your man’s bathroom is almost like a breath of fresh air. One of the absolutely essential parts of any skin care routine is moisturizing, and yes even for men. Moisturizing is like feeding your skin. By doing it, your man is giving his skin what it needs to look and feel healthy and fresh.

Having something like our Petitgrain Moisturizer, which includes key ingredients to not only moisturize skin all day but also improves the complexion and fights bacteria, should be a part of anyone’s skin care arsenal.

Dry Shampoo:

While you might wonder what your man needs dry shampoo for, remember that male and female hair are pretty much the same. While you need to keep your hair and scalp clean, it is also important to not overwash. Using a dry shampoo on the days you don’t wash your hair is one way to make your hair look thick, full and clean. Training the hair and keeping it to a routine is key in ensuring that it is healthy and looking its best.

The reason why your man is using dry shampoo is to keep his hair and scalp clean. Make sure he is using a product that is safe and effective. We make two versions of our dry shampoo, one for light hair and one for dark hair, for blended looks.

Makeup Cleanser:

Seeing a makeup cleaner in your boyfriend’s bathroom might cause you to pause for a second. But the fact is that men are increasingly wearing more makeup, like concealer, color corrector and foundation, on a daily basis. Just like women, men want to look and feel their best.

Products like our Makeup/Dirt Cleansing Oil are another essential part of the skin care regimen regardless of whether or not you wear makeup. Your face collects dirt and other impurities throughout the day, so it is important to use a product that removes that and builds up the protective barrier on your skin so blemishes don’t form.

Face Masks:

Much like the other items, face masks are another beauty item that is not gender exclusive. There are a whole bunch of reasons why men should be using face masks. For example they draw out toxins from your pores that lead to blemishes, add extra moisture to dry skin and in general just help people to unwind and relax after a stressful day.

Our Dead Sea Mud Mask contains water from the Dead Sea which contains 21 minerals including magnesium, calcium, bromine and potassium; 12 of these minerals are found in no other sea or ocean. Using a mask like this which nourishes, purifies and hydrates unbalanced skin, and helps balance problematic, blemished or dry skin one to two times per week can provide a visible improvement to your man’s skin.

Lip Scrub:

Your man is doing you a huge favor if you find a lip scrub in his bathroom. Just like any other part of your body, your lips should be regularly exfoliated to remove dead, flaky skin. There are even tips for how to properly exfoliate your lips.

No one likes the feeling of chapped lips, on themselves or their partner, and a lip scrub is an easy and quick fix. Our Lip Sugar contains whipped essential oil infused jojoba oil featuring helichrysum and sweet sugar leaves your lips smelling and tasting delicious.

Facial Serum:

Using a facial serum is an extra step in a skin care routine. If your man has this in his bathroom, it means he’s really serious about his skin care regimen. While not technically necessary, serums have some impressive benefits on your skin that make it an item worth incorporating.

Our Repairing Facial Serum is made with organic and cold pressed pumpkin seed, rosehip and meadowfoam seed oils. Each of these oils have their own benefits which include ability to even skin tone, repairing sun damaged skin and creation of a protective barrier.

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