Fine China

I've always thought fine china was sort of silly - sitting in a hutch longing for someone to use it. 

My grandmother has her china right along side her everyday dishware. She'll set the table with the beautifully painted dishes if there is even one or two of us over for lunch. It's like even one visitor or a small gathering of company is special enough to her and it makes us feel special, too. 

If she ever passes it down to me, her china will be right along side my regular 'ole dishware, too, just waiting for a visitor.

How does your dishware remind you of home, family and tradition?

Amber Hawthorne
Amber Hawthorne


Amber Hawthorne is the founder and formulator of Bambu Earth, a natural handcrafted skincare line made in small batches based out of Southern California where Amber resides with her husband and children.

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Aunt Trish
Aunt Trish

January 07, 2013

I thought I recognized those plates!!
I cherish them and what they symbolize; family, friends and felllowship!

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