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Annual Summer ProTips

Annual Summer ProTips

June 22, 2018

Annual Summer PRO TIPS

Yesterday we kicked off our annual summer #BAMBUEARTHPROTIPS on Instagram. For the next 28 days we'll be taking a deep dive into four key areas each week that relate to skin health. This week, we're starting with mental + emotional health and how it relates to skin wellness.


Before you dismiss the topic thinking that mental health doesn't apply to you, consider the following questions as they relate to your every day life.. 

Do you feel stressed?
Do you get anxious?
Do you find it difficult to rest?
Do you experience sleeplessness?
Are you chronically tired?
Do you spend most of your time indoors?
Do you spend a lot of time alone?

If you've answered yes to any of these question, our tips this week will prove to be useful and beneficial to your overall emotional wellness. We are going to tackle these along with many more topics as they relate to mental wellness, emotional health and self-care.


Be sure to follow along with us on Instagram @bambuearth! Want to make sure you don't miss a tip? Turn on post notifications by visiting our Instagram profile and tapping on the three dots in the right corner. Then tap "Turn on Post Notifications".

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