Apple Cider Benefits for Skin Health

August 02, 2019


Apple Cider Vinegar is a remarkable ingredient in skincare. It's all natural, it carries tons of skin benefits, and I wanna share with you some of the benefits, and one that is super interesting to me and may even surprise you. Now we use Apple Cider Vinegar in our Rosemary Toner, and it's antibacterial, it's antifungal, it's rich in acetic acid and alphahydroxy acids, which help improve skin texture, help reduce blemishes, and also unblocks pores. But the most interesting thing about Apple Cider Vinegar is that it restores your skin’s pH level almost instantaneously. 


Now, why is that important for you? Your skin is covered in a protective barrier called your acid mantle, and this acid mantle sits at a pH level between 4.2 and 6, and anything can disrupt it. So if you are cleansing your skin or using a facial mask, all these things can disrupt your skin’s acid mantle, and the time it takes between our skincare routine and when our skin can naturally restore its own protective barrier pH level is about 1 hour. A lot of times, after we’re done doing a skincare routine, we’re putting on makeup or we’re touching our face, and our skin is literally susceptible to bacteria and free radicals during that stage. 


However, when you follow your skincare routine with a toner that contains Apple Cider Vinegar, you’re helping your skin restore its pH level right away so that your skin isn’t susceptible to harmful bacteria. 


Now one word of caution, I don’t recommend going into your pantry and grabbing your Apple Cider Vinegar and rubbing it all over your face. We formulated our Rosemary Toner expertly with a rate of dilution that makes Apple Cider Vinegar skin safe, and also has other supporting ingredients that enhance Apple Cider Vinegar’s benefits. 


So head on over and grab our Rosemary Toner, not only will it help improve your skin’s texture and improve its clarity, but it’ll help protect it long-term.