What is oil cleansing and why is it important?

December 22, 2020

What is oil cleansing and why is it important?

by Ashley Boyd

Oil cleansing has started to creep its way to the front of many skin care routines. You mean no foamy cleansers? And Is oil cleansing going to make my skin more oily?! (click here to read more about common myths of using oil on oily skin). Customers ask these questions quite often. To clear up any and all confusion around oil cleansing, I asked our esthetician Ashley a few questions.

What is oil cleansing?

Oil loves oil! Oil cleansing is a way of deep cleansing your skin without stripping it of all of the essential moisture that it needs. Oil cleansing might sound scary, but it's actually great for removing dirt, oil, pollution, makeup, and sunscreen. Cleansing Oil magnetizes all of these clogging substances and helps remove them off your skin!

Why is it important?

We often don't consider all the things our skin comes into contact with on a daily basis. Even if it's not makeup, environmental pollution, dust, dirt, and allergens hang out on our skin all day. Someones one single cleanse just isn't enough. You wouldn't jump in the shower with your clothes on, would you? Same thing with your face 

What is the difference between the Makeup/Dirt Oil Cleanse and the Activated Charcoal?

We offer two different options for Cleansing Oils at Bambu Earth. Our original Makeup/Dirt Cleansing Oil is for all skin types and offers a daily oil-based cleanse that removes makeup and dissolves impurities while maintaining your skin’s acid mantle. We also have Charcoal Cleansing Oil, this is a sister cleanser that gives a great option for anyone who might be oily or severely breakout prone. This special oil blend has natural anti-bacterial properties and was designed specifically for excess oil or cystic acne-prone skin. 

I’m still unsure which one is right for me, how do I know?

The best place to start is by taking our personalized skin care quiz. This allows us to ask certain questions specific to your skin type to determine which products would benefit you the most.

Take our skin quiz to find out which one is best for your unique skin concerns.

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