Do you believe them?

September 30, 2021

Do you believe them?

Dear Reader,

“You’re so beautiful, mommy.”

It’s something I hear my kids say often, especially my son. Maybe it’s because he hears his daddy say it. And sometimes he says it after staring at me for a few minutes and I have to believe it’s just what he sees.

Each time, though, I’m presented with a truth that so often I don’t believe or am tempted to reject. “You’re beautiful,” are words I crave to hear and yet cringe when I hear them. Something in me thinks, no… not true, you’ve made some kind of mistake.

But here’s the thing… I fight against correcting him each and every time. What I want to say is, “Are you kidding? I just woke up.” Instead I smile and say, “thank you, God made me!”

And here’s why: I want him to always see beauty the way he sees it. He sees it in everything and everyone. So, I try my hardest not to let the world’s pessimistic ideals of beauty get into my kids’ brains. Because if they can continue to see beauty the way they do, in everything that has been created, this world will surely be better for it.

How do you feel when you hear the words, “you’re beautiful”?


Until next week,


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