Summertime fruit pizza

Summer always means the most delicious fruit is in season. Try this family favorite for a healthy, and super easy, after BBQ dessert. Or call it breakfast with your coffee. Yes please!

We love the healthy fruit pizza over at Layers of Happiness. Her crust is gluten and sugar free (hooray). For an even healthier version, swap out the "fruit dip" for our sweet cream recipe below:


  • One pint heavy whipping cream  
  • 4 T coconut sugar 
  • 2 T water

Bring coconut sugar and water to a boil, let cool. Whip heavy cream until stiff peaks form. Add simple syrup and combine.

Amber Hawthorne
Amber Hawthorne


Amber Hawthorne is the founder and formulator of Bambu Earth, a natural handcrafted skincare line made in small batches based out of Southern California where Amber resides with her husband and children.

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