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Hi my name is Amber and I’m the founder of Bambu Earth and I wanted to talk to talk to you today about shrinking your pores. I wanna do a little exercise with you first. I want you to go grab a little mirror, a little handheld mirror, or you can stand in front of a full length mirror, and I want you to stand about arms-length away, so if you have a little handheld mirror, I want you to hold it as far as you can away from your face, and then I want you to slowly draw the mirror closer, until you can see your pores, and I want you to look carefully, and keep drawing your mirror closer, and once you can actually physically see your pores, I want you to stop the mirror. For me, thats about it, so for me, I’m stopping the mirror here, and this, this is how far away my pores are visible. So not that many people get this close to my face, except maybe my husband, and I promise you he’s not thinking about my pores when he’s this close to me. 


We get this close to our faces daily. In the mirror, we’re getting really close to our face, we’re seeing all our imperfections, we’re seeing all of our pores, we’re seeing all the discoloration, we’re seeing all the fine lines, but the truth of the matter is not that many people get this close to you, where you can literally feel the warmth of their face to be able to see all of those imperfections. 


I wanted to encourage you today, if you are concerned with pore size, with shrinking your pores, first of all, that’s a myth, you can’t actually shrink them, but we can talk a little bit more about reducing the appearance of them later, but what I want to tell you today and what I want to encourage you with is the easiest way, the fastest way to shrink your pores is just to stand away from the mirror, at a normal length, back away from the mirror, and your pore size will instantly shrink.