Words matter: We are the Peacemakers

November 28, 2020

Words matter: We are the Peacemakers

by Jenna Milazzo

The world feels brittle right now. We are walking on eggshells and it feels as though it can break at any moment. We are getting bombarded with different opinions, thoughts, and now even words of hate from from all over social and mass media. Relationships of friends and family are being torn apart over political differences.

We can choose to ignore the reality of our world, partake in it, or become peace makers by bridging the gap of hate through our words and actions. Humans want to be seen, heard, and valued - it’s at the core of who we are. How can we take steps towards peace?

1.) Love. Choose to love people... with your actions. It seems so simple, yet we forget this all the time. If those who are hard to love around you (we all know them) have a practical need, help meet their need.

2.) Speak words that are encouraging and give life. Tell someone how much you value them, their importance in your life, and the good they have to bring to this world.

3.) Listen to understand. People want to feel understood and heard. Instead of jumping to conclusions, listen to them and validate their feelings and their life experiences.

4.) Be Humble. It is important to be quick to say, “I am sorry." We do not know someone's experience until we have walked in their shoes.

5.) Volunteer. Places like a local homeless shelter, food bank or even the Peace Corps are great ways to get involved in making the world more peaceful. When we start to shift our focus from ourselves to others, we find more joy for ourselves and bring joy to others.

6.) Learn. Read books and articles about peace making. Follow organizations that promote world peace. One of my favorite organizations to follow is Preemptive Love. They do incredible work and you can learn about them here: https://preemptivelove.org

Action can overcome the result of inaction right now. We can fight for peace instead of each other. Together, lets fight to be agents of peace.

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