Mother’s Day 17 Years Later

May 09, 2018

Mother’s Day 17 Years Later

Donald and Mom


Today marks 17 years since my mother passed away from breast cancer. Officially half of my life has been spent without a huge piece of my heart.



It’s true what people say, it gets easier, but some days it still feels like it just happened.


Graduation day, my wedding, the birth of my daughter and son... so many milestones and achievements have been void of her presence.


I have so many questions; what type of grandmother would she have been? What would her relationship look like with Amber?  What would my life, along with my sisters’ lives, look like with her continued guidance? Would we have moved to North Carolina if she were still here?


I can’t answer most of these questions. However, I know she would have been proud! She would have been proud of the man I’ve become. The husband she groomed and the type of father she prayed I’d be.


You see, for 13 years Mother’s day had been a harsh reminder of a life absent of the one person I’ve missed the most... That was, until the birth of my daughter, Bailey! 


This Mother’s Day will begin as usual, deep reflection and admiration for my Mom, but now it’s also filled with deep adoration for my wife. Mother’s day is now a day I get to celebrate and honor the woman of my dreams while honoring the woman who molded me into being worthy of that dream.


I’m always taken back by how Amber does so much. Running a business is no easy feat. If you knew the behind the scenes, you’d appreciate her genius even more. 


Mrs. Bambu Earth won’t brag, but I will. She formulates, manages social media, creates all of the packaging, built and manages the website, takes most of the photography, creates all of the graphic design, does accounting, taxes etc, all while maintaining a wonderful household.


I call her Mrs. Incredible because, as you see, she does it all! I’m beyond blessed. I’m thankful I had a mother amazing enough to gift me a lifetime packed with wisdom and guidance in 17 short years. Now I have a front row seat of witnessing a legacy being crafted through my wife’s life! What an interesting journey it has been.


-Donald Hawthorne 

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