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April 24, 2015 2 Comments

In the early days of Bambu Earth, there was one question I used to get more than any other: "When are you going to make a natural deodorant?" This was 5+ years ago, when people were just realizing the negative effects of standard deodorants and trying to find safer, healthier options.

Before I spent a year formulating my own for Bambu Earth (which I now believe has the cleanest ingredient list of any "natural" deodorant on the market, bar none), I was pleased to discover two of the early brands in the space: Schmidt's and Primally Pure. Since then, Schmidt's has sold to Unilever, and I can no longer recommend them at all for a host of reasons. 

So What About Primally Pure?

Primally Pure, I'm happy to tell you, is still a good option (with some asterisks that I'll get to). And I actually first wrote my Primally Pure Review before I ever formulated Bambu Earth's Magnesium Deodorant. I was still using it myself, and I did so after cycling through a lot of different options.

Ah, the endless cycle of natural deodorants. That's a good place to start, actually. If you've tried natural deodorants, you know what I'm talking about. I would buy one, it worked fabulously for a while, then inevitably my body adjusted to it and it gave me some issue (like irritated skin) or just stopped working all together. And no girl wants to be Stinky Pits Girl.

The Pros

Eventually I was introduced to Primally Pure Deodorant, and those two problems were solved. First and foremost, it worked. I wasn't Stinky Pits Girl. In fact, I really like Primally Pure's scent (and now they've got multiple options). That's a win! Second, I didn't experience any irritation from it. Double win! 

I should say that If you're new to natural deodorants you may not realize that they are not antiperspirants. So "effective" doesn't mean "dry." That's because your body is meant to sweat. If you're looking for something that will keep you from sweating, you won't find it here. That can be a weird experience at first, but it's actually part of what makes natural deodorant great.

Beyond that, you apply Primally Pure like traditional deodorant, which some people really like, and its creamy consistency means it goes on easily. They've also long had a reputation for great customer service, which is always nice.

And, of course, the natural ingredient list is a huge part of what makes it a good option. But that also introduces us to a few of the negatives.

The Cons

First, Primally Pure does contain tallow. So if you're vegan, it's not an option for you. And if you're sensitive to baking soda or coconut oil, again, Primally Pure won't work for you, as it features both. I also am not a fan of the plastic packaging, which has well-known detrimental environmental impact.

And here is a surprising con: Primally Pure is so easy to put on that I always found myself going through it really quickly, which made it into a more expensive option than natural deodorant already is (which it is!).


You might think I'm going to try to sell you hard right now on using my product over Primally Pure, but that's not how we do things at Bambu Earth! I'm happy to see natural skincare companies like Primally Pure because I believe in the underlying concept so much. And Primally Pure works well, smells good, and goes on smoothly, which made it a good option for me for quite some time.

The standard natural deodorant woes do apply though: baking soda sensitivity, coconut sensitivity, and wasteful packaging can all be problems here. My eventual answer to those was to create Bambu Earth's Magnesium Deodorant Spray, which is baking soda-free, coconut oil-free, doesn't stain clothing, is easy to apply, and comes in a glass container.

You can give our Magnesium Deodorant Spray a shot here. I'll even make it easy for you: use the code TryItOut20 and get 20% off your first order so you can try it for yourself.

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June 18, 2015

So glad I found this blog post! I have been searching for a natural deodorant that makes me smell good and doesn’t irritate my armpits. I was using pit paste for awhile then after about 4 months I started to get a bad rash under my armpits. I thought it was something I was eating but once I stopped using it and went to a baking soda free formula it went away. Unfortunately the baking soda free formula still doesn’t cover up my stanky arms and I have to apply about 3-4 times during the day. It’s the sensitive formula from pit paste. I really don’t want to go back to conventional deodorant but no one wants to smell like bo all day. A couple of week ago I had a wedding an so I put on some of the toxic stuff and I didn’t smell and it was so nice not to have to worry if I stink. I’ve been thinking of trying primally pure’s sensitive deodorant in lemongrass. I might try schmidts but i’m a little nervous it will make my armpit rash flare up again. Just wanted to know your thoughts on which one I should try. I am kind of wondering if there is something going on inside of me by the way I smell all the time and how the natural stuff never fully works, even the baking soda version. Sorry for the novel.


May 16, 2015

I love Primally Pure! I’ve also always found that my body adapts to natural deodorants and I’ve had to switch it up to keep up the effectiveness. But I’ve been using Primally Pure for over a month now, without any issues! It still works fantastically. It works better than anything else I’ve tried when I’m already a bit stinky too!

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