Real women share their Mom stories.

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Real women share their Mom stories.

Sit down, grab your favorite cup of tea or coffee and settle in for a good read, maybe some tears, and lots of encouragement. These brave, beautiful mamas share their stories of their moms and motherhood...

Sharon Townsend's mom and family.

Reckless Love
-Sharon T.

My mom was a pioneer of the home-schooling movement when I was growing up. She went to court and stood before a judge to have that right. From a very early age, I watched her fight for what she believed in. She made countless sacrifices for my sister and I and loved her community well. She is real and authentic, full of grace and truth. But what she has taught me most, not with words, is what it looks like to have such a bedrock of faith in the goodness and faithfulness of God that you can leave your heart open in the hands that have hurt you most and keep. on. going. She loves like Jesus. And I am so thankful she does. Let's love recklessly. Happy Mothers Day!

Crissy and kiddos.
Full When I'm Empty
-Crissy W.

Even as far back as four years old, I can remember wanting to be a mama. Whenever we played house, I was the mom. Wanting to care for and protect another (stuffed animal, hamster, baby, you name it) is just part of who I am. When I worked in the business world, I was 'office-mom'- making sure birthdays were celebrated, colds were tended, smiles and hugs for everyone! Now I have two (long-prayed-for) kiddos to chase and re-direct. Day in, and day out. If a buzzer noise sounds, my four-year-old is quick to shout, "Hey mommy, there's more laundry for you to fold!" Even if it's not the dryer- he's right. My little girl has been following me around since Easter babbling, "Chockitegg?" [chocolate egg] with a coy smile. She's not wrong either- I still have a stash of Cadbury eggs up high (not high enough). The mornings start too early, and there doesn't seem to be a limit to the number of diapers I'm expected to change in a sixteen-hour day. I often need a reminder of what drives me to 'mother' -and the answer is Jesus. There's something compelling about sacrificing for someone else's benefit. It's so beautifully difficult. As He prompts and equips me to lay my preferences aside for the sake of another, I can say I'm the best and truest version of myself. And then I get to hold the fruit of that labor in my arms. In tender moments consoling boo-boos, or squealing laughter as I toss my toddler in the air. I think that's the drive. Even as I'm being poured out & emptied, I'm alive and full.


Traci and her mama.

I Finally SEE You Mama
-Traci C.

As a snotty, know it all teenager and young adult, boy did I have some opinions about my mom. Sorry, mama! It wasn’t until 7 years ago, when I became a mom that I had a much needed attitude adjustment. With each new stage of motherhood, I sit back in a deeper awe of my mom. She raised 3 (amazing, if I do say so myself) daughters. She showed us how to love others and love the Lord. She taught us how to really clean a house. She taught us how to laugh at ourselves. She taught us how to be a good friend. She supported us in all our extra activities. She pushed us and encouraged us to grow when we needed it. And now as a Dammie- Doodah (our kids are crazy) she bends over backwards to support us as moms. So this Mother’s Day, I want to say, I finally SEE you mama. And WOW! I am thankful!

Kendall's mom.

-Kendall R.

Mother’s Days is one of those holidays you grow up always celebrating someone else until all of a sudden you are the mother. Some days it still doesn’t feel real or that I am old enough, yet I am, to have two children. I always knew I wanted to be a mom, and a lot of that desire came from watching my own Mom. She is selfless, giving and nurtured my brothers and I so well. As I now have two boys of my own, my relationship with my mom became even deeper because I understand the sacrifice even more. I understand most days she was doing nine million things for us even though she probably didn’t sleep much the night before, or she gave up showering to make sure we had food on the table. Most days I am living the same sacrifice, and trying my best to do it with a smile. I hear Mom more than Kendall now, and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I try to not take for granted the gift of children, knowing this day can be so difficult for many women. I try to celebrate small victories like my oldest putting his toys away when asked or having a moment where I get to teach him about why some people live outside on the street and not in a house. When the small victories don’t always come I do remember the word that I cling to everyday since becoming a mom three and half years ago - GRACE. Grace is kind, forgiving and allows me to not be perfect. It provides second chances and keeps me humble. So to any new Mom out there, or a Mom of forty years- You are doing a GREAT job and remember Grace is enough!

Ashly and her mom
Who I Am
-Ashly C.

My mom is an amazing woman of God. As a child and adolescent I brushed off the truth she spoke to me as her not understanding me and my life situations. At 17 I came to know the Lord and my mom rejoiced. We now were both grounded and rooted in His same eternal promises, giving us a connection we never had before, and I began to view her as my best friend. Giving birth to my own son was one of the most difficult seasons of my life. I felt lost, worthless, and was struggling with my identity. My husband and I had decided I would be a stay at home mom; a decision I was initially at peace with. I was left feeling like I was losing who I was: a self reliant, hard working professional. I realized how much of my identity was wrapped up in my job as a teacher. My mom walked with me through that season speaking God's truth over me. She constantly reminded me of who I am in Him; that He created me, He loves me, and that I am beautiful because I am loved by Him! I just gave birth to my daughter and am now a mother to two wonderful little children. I am so thankful for my mother for speaking His truth because, even though I didn't understand it as a child, she was praying that I would one day I would fully realize and embrace God's love for me. For my children, knowing their identity in Christ is the most important thing I can model and teach them. I am blessed to have had my mother as such an amazing example to follow.

Stephanie and her 3 kids.
Heart Posture
-Stephanie D.

I once read, "Motherhood is not a position you have, but a posture you hold." I did not begin my journey as a mother understanding this. I looked at being a mom as a job. I felt that I had the tools that I needed to hold the position of Mom. My first-born will forever be my lesson (and this will not change), but it was clear from the start, that even with all of my knowledge and all the right tools, things would go wrong. I viewed each day as a success or a failure. How well had I used my tools to get the job done? It wasn't until my second baby that I allowed myself to experience God's grace as a mom. I realized motherhood is not about how successful I am at each task, but rather my heart posture in each situation. Each day, I need to remind myself that God has entrusted me with my three babes to grow in the knowledge and purposes of Him. My posture determines how I enter into conversations with my children, come alongside them in their journey, discipline and disciple them in love, forgive, learn and make mistakes together, gather in community together, and grow deeper with each other and Jesus. The posture of motherhood is also being intentional in how I model faith, praise, dependence, forgiveness, and love of our Heavenly Father beyond my relationship with them, in every situation. This is a daily challenge, I constantly catch myself evaluating if I am meeting the job expectations. The position I have as mom is not what is important, rather it is the posture I strive to hold which is everything as I raise my children.


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Monica H.
Monica H.

May 03, 2018

THANK YOU for these beautifully, encouraging motherhood stories!! I’m a first-time mom and can be very hard on myself

Stephanie Byerly
Stephanie Byerly

May 03, 2018

I love all of these women and am so proud of you, Amber, for highlighting them and us mom’s. You should share your own story too. Love you and miss you. Happy Mother’s Day!

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