Beat the summer heat with healthy popsicles!


Its officially summer and finally warm here in SoCal so we think it's safe to call it popsicle season. I don't know about you but here at Bambu Earth we love popsicles as much as our littles do.  We wanted to share a couple of our popsicle recipes with you. We even hid spinach in our tropical pop (SSSHHHHH, they'll never know), and made one for the mommies who need an afternoon pick me up!

Tropical pop:

tropical pop ingredients

  • In your blender mix: 10 oz vanilla coconut milk, 6 oz pineapple juice, 1 banana, and 2 handfuls raw spinach.
  • Pour into 5 oz dixie cups (recipe yields (4) 5 oz cups).
  • Freeze for 30 mins and add a straw or stick. Don't forget! Set a timer.
  • Continue to freeze overnight for best results.

Cool refresher pop:

cool refresher pop ingredients

  • Pour straight into the popsicle cup: cucumber melon juice (we use trader joes watermelon cucumber cooler) and lemonade (we made trader joes frozen lemonade) along with fresh blueberries.
  • For a layered popsicle you must let the first layer freeze before adding the top layer. Again we set timers and life and we forget.
  • We put fresh blueberries at the bottom of our dixie cups and added the watermelon cooler about half full. Put in freezer and set timer for 1 hour. At this time add your stick. Continue to freeze for several hour before topping with lemonade. 

Coconut cold brewsicle:

cold brew ingredients

  • In your blender mix: 8 oz cold brew coffee, 4 heaping T. coconut cream and 2 T. simple syrup (recipe below).
  • With hand mixer mix 1/2 c. heavy cream and add 1 T. simple syrup. To make simple syrup use 2 parts sugar (we use organic coconut sugar)  and one part water. bring to a boil and let cool completely.
  • In 5 oz dixie cups add a large spoon-full of heavy whipping cream to bottom of cup. Top with cold brew coffee mixture. Don't forget to add a stick 30 mins after putting in freezer!

recipe yields (4) 5 oz dixie cup pops.

eating popsicles

Richelle Paris
Richelle Paris


Richelle is the operations manager at Bambu Earth. She also coordinates our spa parties. She lives in Mission Viejo, CA with her husband and five daughters. She enjoys people, coffee, cooking, thrifting and spending time with her family.

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