The Harder Side of Mother's Day

The Harder Side of Mother's Day

May 03, 2018

The conversations around Mother's Day are usually celebratory, as they should be. But, there's a darker side to the day that seldom gets shared. For many women (and men) Mother's Day is a somber day, packed with memories of loss or feelings of longing to be a mom. Below are a few stories like that and if you have a story, share in the comments.

Latrice and her mama.

I Lost My Mother to Breast Cancer
-Latrice B.

Ahh Mother’s Day. My attitude on this day has changed so many times over the course of the years that I’ve lost count. I’ve never had an avoidant personality. I pride myself in my ability to face a challenge head on, but Mother’s Day was a day I attempted to avoid like the plague for years. You see, I lost my mother to Breast Cancer in 2001. A day dedicated to celebrating a person I didn’t have was not only heartbreaking, but anger inducing. Why does everyone else get to have this person in their life, but I don’t? No matter the form of loss: a death, end of a friendship, or a breakup, the looming question is almost always, why? Lesson number one: Sometimes God allows things to happen that we will likely never understand. Think back to your most recent loss. Think of how hopeless you felt. How alone you were convinced you were. Now think of where you are now. More than likely you’ve emerged from this place stronger, more steadfast, more selfless. Probably even surprised with yourself that you made it to the other side, but most likely, more grateful. We may not get the answer we want, or understand it, but look at this warrior God has transformed you into. Mother’s Day used to highlight the deficits in my life. A painful reminder of what I DON’T have. Now, Mother’s Day reminds me of what I DO have and just how strong I’ve become. I’ve been blessed with an incredible network of women who, no matter my shortcomings, love and support me. I have women in my life who constantly inspire me to reach my full potential. To make my mother proud. Mother’s Day is no longer a day I avoid, but a day I embrace. A day for me to thank God for where He’s brought me from and where He will take me. It reminds me to be forever grateful for the women He has brought into my life. Mother’s Day is my day to say “Thank you”. 

Jen and mom
-Jen R.

Something so simple has been terribly difficult for me to put into words. I lost my mom suddenly exactly 6 weeks before my first child was born. We just passed the 4 year anniversary, and while the edges have softened some, the crushing pain is as raw as ever. When my daughter was born 2 years later, I finally had a glimpse of how much my mother loved me, lived for me and my brothers. It's heartbreaking not to be able to share this journey with her and to tell her how much I truly understand the depths of her love now. Thank you for letting me share this. xo


Holding hands

For L.B.
-Amber H.

Recently, I've had the pleasure to connect with one of our customers, whose identity I'll keep anonymous. She recently lost her 17 year old daughter to drunk driving. I've been thinking about her a lot lately and my heart aches for her. L, my heart goes out to you and your family. I pray for strength and grace but above all I pray for peace over your heart, soul and mind. For those of you who've lost a child, Mother's Day is undoubtedly heartbreaking. Know that you are known, we stand with you and we are covering you with prayers. 

Jamie and her son.

Hard holds hands with HOPE

The dreaded words came- “leukemia.” The nightmare was true. Jamie’s sweet boy, with Down Syndrome, was very sick. For Jamie @thebisants, HARD has always held hands with HOPE. The hope of a secure daughter alongside a diagnosis of autism. The hope of babies alongside miscarriages. The hope of a son with the sad news of Down syndrome. The hope of health alongside the blow of cancer. The hope of dozens of children and, now, so many dreams dying. And yet, Jamie rises. From the ashes she rises. She stands for kids with special needs. She stands beside Jesus- who leads her into every single battle. Jamie, today, we stand with YOU. We know your heart is weary. Don’t give up. Don’t ever lose your beautiful hope. Your faith gives us strength to stand. We rise with you. Please repost, pray, give {link in @themomsweloveclub profile} #loveforjamie

Peace Playlist

Peace Playlist

I've created a playlist for the harder side of Mother's Day. If you're hurting from a loss, infertility, or broken relationships, we hope this playlist will bring you encouragement.
If you are a woman who has always wanted to be a mom and can't or are in the waiting, I want to encourage you that even if you can't hold your own child in your arms, you were gifted with a mothering spirit that was born to nurture and lead through compassion and grace. So many children and adults need spiritual mothers to love them. You are impactful and a force that can bring love and hope, even in the midst of the waiting.
What has helped you through hard times? Share so we can share with our community. 

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