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I know it's been a while in the making. Bambu Earth just got a serious makeover. The heart behind our re-brand is simple. We wanted to convey a story. Our story, really - the motivation behind why we do what we do.

When I started Bambu Earth in 2009, natural products weren't trendy. In fact, most people thought I was a total hippie (not that I'm complaining). Things have changed in the last decade. People are becoming more aware of what they are using on their skin. Large companies are being held accountable for ingredients they have been using for generations that are linked to cancer. We're truly turning a corner.

I'm so happy to be a part of this revival of clean beauty, but natural skin care isn't the only thing I'm passionate about. I get to have daily conversations with women about their beauty. Women voice their concerns about their skin looking for solutions. The two most common things I hear are: "What do you have for wrinkles?" and "I don't go out without makeup because I have [discoloration, break outs, wrinkles, dark circles, age spots, etc.]."

These simple statements tell me a lot about how women view themselves. Women fear signs of aging. They're insecure about their imperfections. The truth is, we are all aging. There's no way around it. And we all have imperfections. We can either embrace these truths or continue to fleetingly try to evade them.

My mission is to speak the truth of beauty over women. Beauty doesn't come from makeup, Botox, anti-aging creams, or augmentation. Every woman is inherently beautiful because they were made in the image of our Creator. You were made in the image of your Creator.

My hope is that women start to embrace their true beauty. Sure, we make skincare that helps you age more gracefully, improves the appearance of your skin, evens skin tone, clears blemishes and reduces fine lines. But ultimately our hope is that you can be free from our cultures perception of beauty. Beauty is not looking twenty-something. It's looking radiant in your 50's, embracing your laugh lines and gray hair (okay, I may have lost some of you at "gray hair"), but hear me out!

Our goal is to convey our heart behind our brand by incorporating a simplistic look that is beautiful and encouraging. Each one of our products includes a word of encouragement that I believe every woman needs to hear and have spoken over her. My hope is that as you use our products daily, you'd be reminded of your beauty. Outer beauty, sure, but also your inner beauty. If every woman embraced their beauty imagine the freedom women as a whole would experience!

If you're still reading, thank you. I hope you've been encouraged in some way. And I hope you enjoy our new look! You can also look forward to occasional emails that include encouragements on true beauty. We thank you for being a part of our family!


Amber + The Bambu Earth Team

Amber Hawthorne
Amber Hawthorne


Amber Hawthorne is the founder and formulator of Bambu Earth, a natural handcrafted skincare line made in small batches based out of Southern California where Amber resides with her husband and children.

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