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Rosewater Cleanser

    1. Our cleanser is formulated with safe, simple + effective ingredients that provide a deeply hydrating cleansing experience beneficial for all skin types.
    2. Rosewater has been used medicinally for centuries dating back as far as 1200BC to the Mycenaean city of Pilos. Rosewater is particularly effective in skin care due to it's soothing, anti-inflammatory properties making dry, irritated skin feel refreshed + balanced.
    3. Our rosewater cleanser is simply + expertly formulated with rosewater, vegetable glycerine + tea tree essential oil making it ideal for dry-oily skin types working double duty as a hydrating blemish control.
    1. Shake well. Soak cotton pad and apply to entire face and décolletage. Rinse with luke warm water or leave on to use as a hydrating toner.
    2. You can use this in place of water when mixing your Glow & Mask for a hydrating, blemish control facial treatment.
    3. Note: Our cleanser works it's magic without lather or foam! We leave out unnecessary water soluble foaming detergents on purpose in an effort to protect your skin's natural oil barrier, providing you with a wonderfully hydrating + natural cleansing experience.
    1. Ingredients: Rosewater*, Vegetable Glycerine, Tea Tree Essential Oil
    2. Use within 6 months
    3. Net wt. 4 oz

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