“Maskne” is a real thing. Here’s how to avoid breaking out under your mask:

What causes "maskne"?

  1. Dirty masks. Masks are like underwear and should never be worn over and over without washing. They touch your lips and mouth and are constantly in contact with bacteria. They are also filtering particles all day long. The longer you breathe through them, the more bacteria you’re susceptible to.

  2. Sweat, moisture and bacteria combined with friction can clog pores and lead to maskne. Masks are meant to prevent moisture from escaping which means sweat and the humidity from your breath gets trapped under the mask and makes the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive.

How can you reduce breakouts under your mask?

  1. Avoid products with acids or retinols. Masks intensify product delivery, so you want to make sure you’re using the kind of products that are soothing and not irritating. Instead, give your skin nourishing ingredients like a thicker moisturizer to reduce friction and protect your skin against chafing.
  2. Avoid wearing makeup under your mask if possible. A light layer of clean makeup in oil-free or non-comedegenic formulas are best when trying to avoid breakouts.
  3. Change your mask frequently throughout the day, especially if it gets damp (never continue wearing a mask once it gets wet) and wash them after every use.
  4. Washing your face when you get home after wearing it is an absolute must to wash away excess sweat, oil, and bacteria (this is key to reducing maskne).


Follow our step-by-step maskne protocol:

Step 1: Pre-cleanse with the Makeup/Dirt Cleansing Oil:  Double cleansing can make a world of a difference! You wouldn’t jump in the shower with your clothes on, would you? Pre cleansing the skin is a great way to remove any makeup, sunscreen, or environmental debris off the skin before using your Rosewater Cleanser to deep cleanse the skin. 1 dropper full of Makeup/Dirt Cleansing Oil, dry hand to dry face, and gently massage into the skin in circular motions. Paying special attention to any high-traffic areas such as your cheeks, forehead, and chin. Allow your oil cleanser to melt away the day while nourishing your skin! Gently remove Cleansing oil, makeup, and sunscreen away with a damp warm towel.

Step 2: Cleanse with the Rosewater Cleanser: On freshly damp skin take Rosewater Cleanser on a facial pad (or cotton round) and gently pat and wipe cleanser onto your skin. Remove cleanser by rinsing with lukewarm water! Rosewater Cleanser is a non-foaming cleanser that protects your skin’s natural moisture barrier which is often broken down by constant friction of your mask. Rosewater is soothing on the skin while Tea Tree has natural anti-bacterial properties to fight breakouts.

Step 3.Tone with the Rosemary Toner: Are we feeling clean yet? Often after a double cleanse the skin might feel tingly and cool. This is an excellent sign of fresh clean skin that is ready for hydration and nutrients. Rosemary Toner is an alcohol-free toner that restores your skin’s acid mantle (protective oil barrier) by balancing its pH level. Why is this step so important with maskne?! Toner should calm, soothe, hydrate, and brighten the skin. Apply Rosemary Toner to a facial pad and gently pat and press into the skin. This step is to prep and balance the skin for your final skincare steps.

Step 4. Moisturize with the Intense Hydration Cactus Concentrate: I highly suggest Cactus Concentrate for maskne. I absolutely love its lightweight feel and velvety texture as it smoothes across the skin. Whether you are oily, acne-prone, or just being preventative with your skin. Cactus Concentrate provides a plump, dewy glow while firming and toning with anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antioxidant ingredients. You’ll want only a pea-size amount of moisturizer and warm it up between your fingertips. When the moisturizer has melted; gently massage onto your face. First using medium circular motions around the face to really massage your face and then sweeping upward motions to help stimulate blood flow to the neck and face. Any leftover moisturizer is always happily applied on the chest or hands!