$79 Skincare Kit That Completely Changed My Life

Never again will I pay $500+ for expensive skin treatments that have harsh chemicals AND poor results!

Article with Adrianne V - Real Bambu Earth Customer

October 29, 2019 at 10:16am PST  

If you ever wondered if all-natural skin products actually work, then you need to read this story about how my life changed once I found this product.

I spent $79.95 and it changed my skin forever. 

Warning: This kit will change the way you feel about your skin and your self confidence for GOOD.

I Tried Everything. 

My name is Adrianne — the first thing you should know about me is that I struggled with acne for YEARS. 

I have combination, acne prone skin and I have tried everything in my power to regulate it — light therapy, weekly dermatologist treatments for 6+ months, expensive topical treatments, regular facials, and so many different cleansers and routines.  

If you struggle with acne at all, you know what it’s like to walk around and constantly worry if people are looking at your face or judging your complexion. 

My skin was an actual source of anxiety and stress for me, which of course made my skin worse! 

I had heard about the harsh chemicals in skin care products, and what I was learning was that all the different parabens, synthetic colors, and sulfates were actually stripping my skin of its ability to regulate itself, shed dead skin cells naturally, and balance its own PH. 

Not to mention, I couldn’t even pronounce any of the ingredients on the products I was using! So, I decided to try something NEW— a 100% all-natural skin care routine.  

An Unexpected Discovery

Around 6 months ago I discovered Bambu Earth, and their products have changed my life forever. 

For just $79.95, my skin care routine is now: 

  1. Quick and easy (under 5 minutes!)
  2. Completely safe for my skin
  3. Naturally Anti-aging
  4. Feels and smells amazing (like a luxury spa!)

The Transformation

Something you should know is that when you switch to all-natural skincare products, your skin will go through a DETOX PHASE. That is completely normal, and only lasts a few days!!  

Throughout the detox phase, your skin is shedding itself of all of the buildup and harsh chemicals that it has stored from YEARS of harsh products. 

Once I was through the Detox Phase, my skin felt tighter, my pores were WAY smaller, and it had a supple glow instead of a dullness to it. 


On top of that, my acne was GONE! No more small white bumps, oily pimples, or unwanted texture—just smooth, healthy, and rejuvenated skin—I felt FREE for the first time in years. 


I actually LOVED looking at my skin in the mirror, and everywhere I went I was getting compliments about my newly transformed skin. 

The Solution

Here’s what I ordered - it’s now called the Adrianne Starter Kit, and basically it’s a 3 step process that only takes me 5 minutes morning & night… 

  1. Cleanse with the Rosewater Cleanser
  2. Tone with the Rosemary Toner
  3. Moisturize with the Petitgrain Moisturizer

Here's how each product works - 

The Rosewater Cleanser is SO refreshing and soothing, and literally smells like you’re walking past a giant rosebush in the Springtime. The rosewater is anti-inflammatory and calms and cleanses your skin without drying it out or stripping it of its natural oils. The tea tree oil in it is antibacterial, and the vegetable glycerine draws moisture to your skin to keep it hydrated. 

The Rosemary Toner is an alcohol-free toner that restores your skin to its natural PH, which makes it way less prone to breakouts. The Rosemary is an antioxidant and keeps your skin clear, the Witch Hazel is anti-inflammatory and reduces irritation, the Lavender reduces redness, blotchiness, and fights aging. And the Apple Cider Vinegar balances your PH, limits excess oil production, and fights bacteria!  

The Petitgrain Moisturizer is my FAVORITE part of this whole routine. It feels so rich, silky, and luxurious, and leaves your skin GLOWING all day long. Petitgrain Essential Oil actually fights bacteria all day long, and is the secret and most important ingredient in this moisturizer. The Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, and Shea Butter are all superfoods for your skin that are anti-aging, shrink your pores, tighten your skin without drying it out, and regulate your oil production.

If you want to be extra eco-friendly, order the reusable cleansing pads from Bambu Earth too, instead of the disposable cotton rounds you buy at your pharmacy (those are such a waste!)

Guys, I'm Never Going Back. 

Truly, I’m obsessed. This kit from Bambu Earth has changed my skin forever - I leave the house without makeup on all the time, and I feel great about it.  


Bambu Earth offers a 30-day money-back SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! And when I needed to ask a question about my order, they even had a REAL woman respond from their Customer Service team...

Once you’ve used the product, please let me know if it helped you too! 

P.S - A lot of competitors will sell cheaper alternatives but I recommend you go with Bambu. 

It's only $79.95 for the bundle and this trial set will last up to 4 months when applied twice daily. That’s double the size of its competitors, and just long enough to experience the results I did.

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