Bambu Earth Affiliate Program

The Bambu Earth affiliate program is open to editorial and content-led websites that complement our brand's identity. 

If you have a high quality website or blog, then we invite you to join our program.


  • enhanced 15% commision (5% above industry standard).
  • generous 120 day cookie length.
  • exclusive discount codes and regular site promotions.
  • New promotion updates are emailed to all affiliates.
  • high site conversion rates.

Please visit our Affiliate Page to sign up.


  • PPC campaigns are not permitted without prior agreement.
  • Affiliates may not register or utilize any domain and subdomain name containing the term "Bambu Earth" or "Bambu".
  • Affiliates may not host content referencing Bambu Earth on any website that includes links to unlicensed pharmacies (e.g. stores selling Viagra online), adult content or any other inappropriate content.
  • Affiliates may not use the term "scam" or similar to refer to Bambu Earth in any way, including a reference to say "Bambu Earth is not a scam".
  • Affiliates may not include testimonial content about Bambu Earth products that is false or invented.
  • Affiliates may not make medical or other unwarranted claims about Bambu Earth products.