Details: Full Time | Remote Ok | Hourly @ $20/hr + performance bonus paid annually | Reports to Founder/Formulator/Brand Experience Manager (Amber Hawthorne)


Who is Bambu Earth? 

Bambu Earth is an all-natural skincare brand that uses real ingredients to create real skincare to nourish real beauty. All of our ingredients are ethically sourced, sustainably harvested, fair trade and of the most premium quality, so that our minimalistically formulated (every ingredient has a function) products can complement skin’s natural health functions. We take a comprehensive approach to skin health: it's not just what you put on your skin that affects it, it's what you eat and drink, how much you sleep and exercise, the cosmetic products you apply, and more. Ultimately, Bambu Earth is a vehicle to change the conversation on beauty. We believe that all women are beautiful because they were created beautiful, and that true beauty has nothing to do with appearances.


Why do you need Esthetician Services?

The most frequent questions we get are those around specific skin concerns, or complicated issues that our Skin Quiz doesn’t inquire deeply enough into. Our founder, Amber, is a wealth of information on these issues, but her resources in customer-facing roles are limited by the more overarching responsibilities that she has to the brand and our aggregate customer base. As Bambu Earth’s esthetician, you’ll field the far majority of skin-specific questions, create custom routines and recommend our products (and others) and lifestyle choices to assist with customers’ needs. For Bambu Earth, you’ll deploy a variety of platforms to empathize with customers in various stages of their skin health journey, recommend all-natural products and lifestyle choices to nourish their skin deeply, and remind them of their inherent beauty.


What is a Community Creator?

Right now, Bambu Earth inadvertently makes it difficult for customers to communicate with one another, but some of our customers are resourceful enough to find creative ways to do so. The Community Creator’s role is to ideate, develop, test, implement, and continuously moderate an interactive platform for customers to be able to communicate with other customers and potential customers. This role demands a rare mix of organizational creativity, detail-oriented project management, and a results-oriented mindset along with deep empathy for every step of women's’ skin health journey, wise communication around social justice issues that may be discussed in the platform, and a natural approachability to the virtual relationships you’ll nurture with our customers. 


Primary responsibilities:

  • Be efficient and empathetic in your responses, making sure the customer feels heard and understood, and provide virtual  skincare consultations and recommendations. 
  • Anticipate customers’ needs through a deep understanding of the brand and what a typical customer is looking for at their specific step in their skin health journey.
  • Track, document, and report consistent issues to brand managers to help guide CS focus, and provide strategic insights on how we can serve our customers better.
  • Contribute to content marketing efforts as needed as Bambu’s in-house esthetician.
  • Ideate, develop, test and moderate a community of customers and potential customers.
  • Develop authentic personal relationships with customers that extend beyond skincare. 
  • Encourage current customers to engage with potential customers to convert them. 


Here's what we're looking for:

  • Licensed or certified to perform esthetics services by the state board of cosmetology
  • Deep experience set and passion for non-toxic/holistic skincare
  • Ability to clearly, legibly and empathetically communicate both orally and in writing
  • Technologically proficient and a quick and passionate learner
  • A teammate who enjoys wearing multiple hats, inspiring everyone around you to do great work and communicates well
  • A self-aware culture contributor aligned with Bambu Earth's mission


A position with Bambu Earth is for you if you naturally,

  • Love people, especially women, on a fundamentally deeper level than most of the other people you know.
  • Are passionately involved in social issues, especially those regarding group inclusion, widespread equality and self-positivity.
  • Prefer a fast-paced work environment where responsibility and authority are given, ownership and results are expected, and creativity and 110% effort are rewarded. 
  • Don’t need much day-to-day direction or engagement from your superior, since you’re a creative problem-solver and you thrive in the autonomy of the domains that you own. 
  • Display a high degree of emotional intelligence and conflict resolution, even remotely. 
  • Pride yourself on your ambition, knowing the sky's the limit on what you can accomplish, but you quickly redirect praise to your teammates for your success. 
  • Pursue learning across subjects and form frameworks to interconnect new knowledge. 
  • Balance efficiency, accuracy, resourcefulness, and reliability in your work ethic.


This position will require computer competency, strong communication skills, deep experience as an esthetician and an aversion to non-natural skin remedies and products. The ability to compile and analyze data is a plus. The expectation is that you are  available to respond quickly during the same 8hrs each day on Monday-Friday, and fill the remaining time with your Community Creator responsibilities. 


To apply, email with: 

  • Your resumé
  • Which position you're interested in
  • Why you want to work for Bambu Earth
  • How you helped somebody today