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We are an organization that, at it's very core, believes in fair-labor, safe ingredients, ethical practices, and sustainable packaging. Though, our passion doesn't stop at how we source and produce our products.

We are also on a mission to remind you how extraordinarily beautiful you are, just as you are. We are passionate about speaking truth and identity over you, even if you've forgotten or have never known who you truly are and who you have been created to be.

Each person is unique, special, a masterpiece crafted by the Creator. Our products aim to encourage and uplift you while you use them, making true beauty a part of your daily routine, not because you have achieved perfect skin, but because you believe you have been fearfully and wonderfully made.

We hope we can make a difference by partnering with organizations who have a similar mission. Human trafficking is something that is heavy on our hearts and aligns with our desire to free those in bondage and rehabilitate those who've been abused and forgotten, reminding these young women of their true worth.

Many of these girls are runaways and foster youth who have no connections to family. They've been forgotten and taken advantage of. Partner with us to help stop this tragic cycle of abuse that is happening in cities in the United States all around us.

Every time you post a photo of Bambu Earth products on Instagram with #BAMBUBEAUTY, we will donate $1 to help rehabilitate victims of sex trafficking.