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To help you radiate your unique beauty, we built the Kohlman Starter Kit with products picked just for you. 

Activated Charcoal Cleansing OilActivated Charcoal Cleansing Oil
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1. Activated Charcoal

Cleansing Oil

This oil-based cleanser was formulated specifically to cleanse those stubborn clogged pores and alleviate the pain from cystic acne-prone skin.

Rosewater CleanserRosewater Cleanser

2. Rosewater


A non-foaming cleanser that protects (instead of stripping) your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Goodbye dry!


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Rosemary TonerRosemary Toner

3. Rosemary


An alcohol-free toner that restores your skin’s helpful acid mantle (protective oil barrier) by balancing its pH level.


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Intense Hydration Facial MistIntense Hydration Facial Mist

4. Intense Hydration

Facial Mist

This pure hydrosol mist has deeply calming and uplifting aromatics that hydrate and nourish skin. Think spa in a spray bottle.


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Intense Hydration Cactus ConcentrateIntense Hydration Cactus Concentrate

5. Intense Hydration

Cactus Concentrate

A waterless cold-pressed serum and fast-absorbing moisturizer in one that provides a plump, dewy glow and rejuvenates dull cells.


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Pumpkin Oat Glow & MaskPumpkin Oat Glow & Mask

6. Pumpkin Oat

Glow & Mask

This exfoliant and mask soothes and brightens, firms and tones, and won’t damage skin. Pumpkin isn't just for spice lattes anymore.


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Custom Skincare Solution

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