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The Bailey Collection

A collection of simple skin and body luxuries for kids and pre-teens.

Inspired by our founder's daughter, Bailey, her favorite color, pink, and the many nights she's joined in to share in her mama's skincare routine.

Now your little ones can participate along side you during your skincare routine with their very own special collection of beautiful, simple and safe products. Each product is designed for little fingers to use with ease. The collection is fun, functional and has multiple uses.

The Bailey Collection encourages children to learn how to take care of their skin holistically from a young age alongside mom, dad or grandma. Formulated without toxic ingredients, The Bailey Collection is a unique alternative to the cheap, chemically-laden mainstream products marketed towards children.

We hope The Bailey Collection will encourage a sacred bonding time with your little ones. 

The Bailey Collection includes:

  • Pink Mist : use this organic rosewater mist as a cleanser, hydrator or skin soother. Ingredients: rosewater, vegetable glycerine, tea tree essential oil
  • Pink Mask : simply formulated with gentle pink and white clays for a fun, detoxifying experience. Ingredients: white kaolin clay, pink kaolin clay 
  • Pink Cream : just a small amount of this organic shea butter moisturizes and nourishes face, lips and body. Ingredients: shea butter, beetroot, lavender essential oil
  • Pink Dust : sprinkle over the body to absorb moisture, freshen and experience soft, silky skin. Pink Dust works as a beach powder to absorb moisture and easily remove sand from even the hardest to reach places. Ingredients: arrowroot, pink kaolin clay, lavender flower

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