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Product Information

How are your products different from other products I've tried?

Do your products contain gluten?

Do you test on animals?

Are your products vegan?

Are your products safe for sensitive skin?

Can I try before I buy?

My moisturizer melted or froze!

Are your products safe to use during pregnancy?

Which dry shampoo color is right for me?

How are your dry shampoos different than the drug store kind?

When do my products expire?

Can you guarantee results?

Do you have a pick-up option for local customers?

Are your products 100% organic?

Do have any products with sunscreen?

Do your facial products contain coconut oil?

Skin Questions

I have cystic acne. Will your products work for me?

Essential Oils

Do you use doTERRA or Young Living essential oils?

Where do you source your essential oils?


I have an allergy to an ingredient.

What if I don't like my product or feel like it isn't working for me?


I haven't received my order. What's the deal?

Do you ship internationally?


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