Bambu Earth

The best way to shop with Bambu. The discounts and store credit add up to serious savings.

$40/mo USD charge that is applied to future orders as a credit

Member-Only Perks

15% Off Everything 

Just log in to your account and save 15% sitewide. Automatically applied and always there when you want it.

$40 Store Credit

Every month your $40 USD charge will be given back to you as credit towards future purchases. It can be used for anything on the store and the credit lasts 365 days.

Exclusive Promotions

We'll make special offers and promotions available to our members only. It's the only way to always get Bambu's best deals.

How It Works

A membership that pays for itself from day one.


Join the Membership

Add a membership to your cart and checkout.


Access Benefits Instantly

Get full access to the benefits on your order today and any in the future. Just log in to access your benefits in the future.


Enjoy the Savings

Let the store credit and discounts pile up. You've earned it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get the 15% off on today's order?

Yes! You get 15% off forever for anything on our store. Just add the membership to cart and get whatever else you need. You'll get all the benefits, even on today's order.

How do I use my store credits?

Just make sure you sign into your account whenever you checkout on our store. You'll be shown your balance of store credits and can say how many you'd like to use on any given order.

Do my store credits ever expire?

Yes, the $40 store credit you get every month expires in 365 days. Every time you get credits those credits are only available for 365 days.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership in your account portal at any time or by contacting our customer service team at There are no termination fees or hidden costs to cancel.

If canceled your membership will remain active for the current month paid, then you will lose membership benefits after the current month.

Can I get a refund for my membership?

We understand that sometimes you sign up for something and misunderstood it or you didn't realize it was a recurring payment. For that reason, we do honor refunds on our memberships within 5 days of the charge and provided you have not taken advantage of the benefits provided in those 5 days (used credits or enjoyed the discount).

Can I use my store credit on my subscription?

You can use your store credit to sign up for a new subscription.

Unfortunately, we have a technical limitation that prevents the customer from redeeming their store credits on recurring orders at this time. We expect to be able to provide you with direct access to do that in the near future, but in the meantime, reach out to our customer service team for help applying your store credit to any recurring subscription orders -

Do my credits apply to tax and shipping?

No. The store credits accumulated in the membership accounts are applicable to the cost of the product purchased only. The credits are not applicable to tax and shipping.