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At Bambu Earth, we are passionate about beauty... although maybe not in the way you would expect from a skincare brand. You won't find misleading before-and-after photos, promises of "instant life-changing results" or pressures to "look 20 years younger". Our skincare isn't anecdotal. So many of us women have been marketed to for too long and we've been led to believe that our skin is a BIG problem that we have to fix. Because of these messages, we constantly try to conceal, slather, scrub, or laser away our imperfections.

Aren't you exhausted? Us too. We choose to change the conversation and spread a different message. We want you to relax in the truth that you are the very definition of beauty. You were created beautiful and you remain beautiful even if you're covered in freckles, even as you develop crows feet, even if your skin is feeling lackluster.

Your skin is speaking to you. Listen to what it's telling you about your body. Sometimes there are ways to treat your skin topically, sometimes you need a change in your diet and sometimes you're experiencing the natural effects of aging. We want to empower you to be able to effectively support your skin in a healthy way that's not purely results driven. A way that doesn't attack your identity and the truth that you are beautiful as you are.

It's our mission to provide you with truly clean skincare that delivers vital nutrients to your skin so that it can operate at it's best. We want you to look and feel radiant because your skin is a reflection of your inner health. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and needs to be supported well to look well.

We are unique in that you most likely won't find the latest trending ingredients in our products because we remain unswervingly dedicated to using only the best quality, sustainably sourced, responsibly produced and fairly traded ingredients that have been proven for centuries to be both safe to use on the skin and effective in supporting skin functions.

So, although our products are highly effective, we are way more passionate about tailoring skincare around your unique needs while reminding you of what beauty really means : YOU.

Want a customized recommendation? Message us and we'll put together for you a skincare routine complete with lifestyle tips based on your unique skincare needs.

Our packaging and ingredients

Our products are designed ethically from start to finish.
We make products with ingredients that are wild-harvested, ethically produced, fairly traded and then we package those products in sustainably sourced packaging for a minimal environmental impact.

For more information about our ingredients, check out our Always + Never promises below.
If you're still reading, thank you for giving me your time and attention. I'd love to chat more with you about your skincare goals, beauty or meet up for coffee. Send me a note here to connect.


Amber + The Bambu Earth Team 

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