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Welcome to Bambu Earth!

Amber Hawthorne, Founder + Formulator

I know you have a lot of choices when it comes to skin care and I couldn't be more excited you've landed here. I'm super passionate about your skin. I'm even more passionate about your inner beauty.

Bambu Earth isn't just a skincare line. It's a small company on a mission to make a big change. A change in the way you see yourself. A change in what you believe to be true about yourself.

Will your skin look, smell and feel more amazing when you use our products? Yes! But, more importantly? I hope that through our relationship, you believe you're beautiful (if you don't already).

Your skin's wellbeing isn't our top priority (although it's a close second). You are.

Why should you use our skincare?


Most skincare products on the market are formulated to treat your skin's symptoms topically. Using them is like taking medicine for a broken arm. It might relieve the pain a bit, but once you stop the pain comes back, and worse. Plus, it gives you negative side effects. What you need is for someone to set your arm and put a cast on it so it can heal properly. Are you tired of this analogy yet?

The point is, your skin is an organ - the largest organ of your body. It's living. It takes in nutrients. It releases metabolic impurities. It speaks to you. It kind of like that friend who tells you like it is. We want to help set your arm and put a cast on it so it can heal. (Last one, promise.)

Our products are formulated with nutrient-rich ingredients that help restore the skin to it's natural state and allow it to function properly, naturally.

What about your products and their ingredients?

Oh yeah, I should probably talk about those, too. ;)

Our products are designed ethically from start to finish. We don't just make natural products that sound good.

We make products with ingredients that are wild-harvested, ethically produced, fairly traded and then we package those products in sustainably for a minimal environmental impact.

For more information about our ingredients, check out our Always + Never promise.

If you're still reading, thank you for giving me your time and attention. I'd love to chat more with you about your skincare goals, beauty or meet up for coffee. Send me a note here to connect.


Amber + The Bambu Earth Team 


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