Real Beauty

Imagine the freedom you would have if your thoughts, decisions, actions, and life were lived out without the need for any other human’s approval. Would your life look different? What would you wear? What would you spend your time doing? What would you say? How would you be freed up to love better? To smile more? To make more friends?

 In our quest for beauty, whether it’s for the approval of someone else or even for self-approval against the standard of culture, we lose precious time, resources and more importantly, joy.   The irony here, is that…once you start to embrace that you’re beautiful just the way you are...that there’s nothing you can do to gain beauty because it’s already yours…the less you’re concerned about being beautiful.   The less time you spend on focusing on your own beauty…the more time you have to focus on lifting others…and the more your beauty radiates.   Our goal is to remind you of your beauty. Belief is a powerful force, and our hope is that if you hear us say it enough, you’ll actually start to believe it.