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Social awareness is at the core of each decision we make here at Bambu Earth. We believe we have a great responsibility not only to you, dear patron, but to those behind the scenes who grow, produce, craft, harvest, and trade each material we source.

Now that so many people are starting to wake up and smell the chemicals, lots of companies are starting to “clean” their formulations. Although this is amazing for the industry, it’s not enough.

What good is it to use high quality essential oils and yet package those beautiful ingredients in plastic that leaches chemicals into the product compromising its integrity and polluting our oceans?

Or sourcing palm oil that harms the orangutan habitat? Or shea and cocoa butter that’s harvested by using slave labor?

Or what about castor oil which has a huge negative health impact by causing permanent nerve damage (or worse) in those who harvest it? 

All of these ingredients are natural, yet at the hands of an organization who doesn’t have an eye on these important issues, the mass (or artisanal) production of them can have devastating effects on our bodies, our environment, animals and humanity.

We created Bambu Earth a decade ago because we couldn’t find one company with high enough standards. And even now, the industry has a long way to go. That’s why we pay attention and put great care into what ingredients we procure, how we source them, and how we package them.

It’s important to us that we are not only producing an excellent finished product, but that there’s transparency and integrity along the way so that you can feel good about your purchase and supporting our brand.