Real Skincare

Skincare’s role should be to support your skin health— not cure your skin.

Your skin’s main functions are to provide protection from microorganisms, dehydration, heat, ultraviolet light, and mechanical damage by producing sweat, sebum (a waxy oil substance) and sensing.

There are many factors that can inhibit these functions such as the foods we eat, environmental toxins, and the products we decide to use. 

That’s why we take a holistic approach to skincare by encouraging a healthier lifestyle (not solely prescribing a product). You’ll hear us talk about improving air quality, reducing exposure to bacteria, common foods that cause inflammation and breakouts in addition to skincare.

Of course your product choices can either help nourish and support these functions or inhibit them.

Too many skin issues today are directly related to popular “dermatologist recommended” products that compromise the skin’s natural functions. That’s why we created Bambu Earth. To play a supportive role for your skin wellness with real ingredients from the earth. These potent ingredients help to restore your skin’s natural functions by working with it—not against it.