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Mini Dead Sea Mud Mask

Mini Dead Sea

mud mask

125 reviews

This ready-to-apply mask has a high mineral concentration that helps encourage growth and repair by increasing blood circulation.

Net wt. 0.25 oz - 2 weeks applied every third day

  • How It Feels

    Cool, smooth, slightly stony mud tingles and tightens.

  • How It Smells

    Floral and camphorous, salty and reminiscent of rain water.

  • Skin Types

    All, especially dehydrated skin.

  • Ethically Traded


  • Sourced & Produced


  • Pregnancy


  • Made in The

    United States

Ethically Traded Ingredients
Sourced & Produced Sustainably
Real Simple & Effective Ingredients
Made In The United States



The raw Dead Sea Mud in our mask contains 12 minerals not found anywhere else on the planet, and it’s formulated with antibacterial Lavender Essential Oil and blemish-fighting Tea Tree Essential Oil.



Your skin is an incredibly well-designed organ. So our products work with your skin’s natural processes to restore and nurture it, not fight against it.

Application Steps

  • 1

    Avoiding eye area, apply liberally to face and neck.

  • 2

    Let dry for 10-15 minutes, and rinse.

  • 3

    Use every third day, and keep unused product dry.



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