Rosemary Toner

Toner is the cornerstone to any skin care regimen and is a must-have for all skin types. Our Rosemary Toner has been formulated with the highest quality raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar to restore the skin's acid mantle by balancing it's pH level while helping protect the skin against bacteria and free radicals. Organic lavender hydrosol is particularly hydrating and soothing (especially beneficial to inflamed skin). Rosemary essential oil provides skin with the gentle anti-bacterial and anti-oxidants it needs to keep skin clear and healthy. Our Rosemary Toner is one of the only natural products on the market especially formulated with organic alcohol-free witch hazel, so it won't dry out your skin. Your skin will stay hydrated longer while maintaining an even, youthful complexion + glow.


Shake well. Apply to clean face using cotton.


Lavender Hydrosol*
Apple Cider Vinegar*
Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel*
Rosemary Essential Oil

Net wt. 4 oz

Type: Skincare

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