Make + Take: Non-Toxic Household Cleaners

At Bambu Earth we are not only passionate about holistic skincare but we are also passionate about reducing the amount of toxins we use on a daily basis. We clean our homes in hopes to keep our families healthy. However, many cleaners we purchase contain toxins that pollute our indoor air contributing to asthma, allergies, migraines and more. But chemical-free cleaners are so easy to make and will save you lots of $$$.

Last week we held our first Make + Take workshop. We made an all-purpose cleaner for just about any surface (including windows, mirrors, countertops, toilets, etc.) and an abrasive scrub that will easily remove soap scum, grease, and tub stains without leaving a toxic residue that can be absorbed by you or your children the next time you come in contact with a surface such as a bathtub or table.


Download the printable version here.

Happy cleaning!

Richelle Paris
Richelle Paris


Richelle is the operations manager at Bambu Earth. She also coordinates our spa parties. She lives in Mission Viejo, CA with her husband and five daughters. She enjoys people, coffee, cooking, thrifting and spending time with her family.

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