Top 5 Skincare Mistakes you'll regret when you're 50

May 06, 2015 1 Comment

Top 5 Skincare Mistakes you'll regret when you're 50

The way you treat your skin in your teens and 20s directly impacts its long-term health. As the largest organ in your body, it needs to be nurtured so it continues to function at optimal wellness as you age. These are tips you don’t want to learn too late when it comes to your skin. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 skincare mistakes you’ll regret when you’re 50.

  1. Not wearing sunscreen. The sun can wreak havoc on your skin. Harmful UVA rays can find their way to your skin through clouds and windows, so pay more attention to the UV index than the weather. If it’s over a 3, opt for sunscreen. We like Badger Brand sunscreen.
  1. Skipping moisturizer during breakouts. Did you know that drying out your skin only perpetuates breakouts? Your skin has the ability to regulate itself. When you apply products that dry the skin (such as alcohol based products) or deprive your skin of moisturizer, your skin overproduces sebum (oil) to try and compensate for the loss. Not to mention, moisturizing keeps your skin hydrated (and so does water!), an important factor in keeping the skin looking youthful longer.
  1. Sleeping in your makeup. Sleeping in your makeup exposes your skin to free radicals that your makeup has absorbed throughout the day (usually from air pollution). Free radicals breakdown collagen and over time this leads to fine lines and premature aging. Not removing your makeup before you snooze also clogs your pores and can lead to breakouts.
  1. Using hand soap to remove makeup. Don’t cut corners when it comes to your makeup remover. Find one that is (yes, is) oil based and alcohol-free (like the one on our secret menu) that won’t dry out your skin or disrupt your skin’s acid mantle. When you use soap or other cleansing products to remove your makeup, you’re forced to scrub and pull at your skin, which can lead to premature aging and bags under the eye.
  1. Neglecting your décolletage. A décolletage is particularly your neck and chest. We know, it’s easy to forget or ignore it when you’re just trying to get through your routine, but you’ll thank yourself later if you take the extra 30 seconds to take care of these areas just as well as you would your face. This skin is delicate so do cleanse and moisturize but don’t use manual exfoliators.

We hope you learned something new after reading Bambu Earth’s (hyperlink to you main page) top 5 skincare mistakes list! Leave a comment with any tips you would tell your 20-year-old self and don’t forget to check Instagram for our latest Instasales!

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