Beliefs, Pt. 5

Beliefs, Pt. 5

Dear Reader,

Last week, to wrap up our beliefs series, I shared a few of your stories on how you've overcome false beliefs. But, I received one more reply from a customer who has just given me permission to share. I hope her story will inspire you. Whatever you've gone through, whatever has contributed to these beliefs you have about yourself, know that you can learn a new truth... the truth. You are beautiful. And other people will see that, too... if they can see with their soul. Here's her story:

"I appreciated reading these and I reflected on how many of us had our opinions about ourselves formed or reinforced by our moms.  It's so sad because as moms, we have such power to build up our daughters!

My mom would tease about my big feet (if they were any bigger, I'd have to just wear the boxes).  In junior high, she gave me a girdle and I started dieting with her, a habit which lasted many years without much success.  She would joke about my "bulbous" nose, that I looked like the actor Karl Malden.  I don't think she ever intended to be hurtful.  I think she thought it was just teasing.

I was tall for my age (I'm 6') and never felt pretty enough, thin enough. I don't remember ever being told I was attractive. I became an overachiever, which I think was in part to compensate.

Unfortunately, my husband didn't build me up over the years and I continued to struggle with my appearance, always feeling I was never enough.

BUT here's the sweet thing.  God has graciously taken me on a journey of discovery.  At 65, I'm finally feeling the best about myself than I ever have before.  I'm still tall with size 11 feet, but next to my 3 sons, I feel petite.  My nose hasn't changed, but when I look in the mirror, I see my daddy's nose and I always loved my daddy's face.  I'm embracing the uniqueness of me and thanking the Lord for giving me my features... maybe not beautiful in the world's eyes, but beautiful in His. My face is a happy, approachable one and I am grateful.

Amber, I so appreciate your messages to us all and thankful for skin care that celebrates what we have and who we are.  Your mission is a gift!  If we didn't hear about our beauty growing up, we're hearing it now... from you!"

-Customer who will remain anonymous.

I hope her words and story will stir something within you. There are so many people who need to hear that they are good enough, right now. You might be one of those people. And if that's you, know that healing is possible for you. Your journey can start now. Or, you might be someone who needs to share that message with the people around you. I encourage you to share the series (you can find them in our journal here) or share your own personal stories with others who need to hear them. They are so powerful.

Until next week...