Beliefs Pt. 5

August 02, 2021

Beliefs Pt. 5

Dear Reader,

Last week, to wrap up our beliefs series, I shared a few of your stories on how you've overcome false beliefs. But, I received one more reply from a customer who has just given me permission to share. I hope her story will inspire you. Whatever you've gone through, whatever has contributed to these beliefs you have about yourself, know that you can learn a new truth... the truth. You are beautiful. And other people will see that, too... if they can see with their soul. Here's her story:

"I have never known anyone like you. Thank you. It’s truly refreshing the way you reach out to your customers to help them in ways that truly count. It’s not an upcharge. It’s just you radiating through.

I’ve always been sensitive to my face. I don’t know when it started but my whole life, I didn’t think I was pretty or that I look great in pictures. Or thinking I just got compliments because people are being nice or they are old and that’s what old people say.

But then in high school, I overheard a rumor that I’d be a good lay with a bag over my head.

Then later in life a guy actually covered my head with a pillow because he said he liked the view better.

Years and years of little things.

But now, I’m 45. I’ll be 46 next month. I’m using your products.

So I wear the eye makeup and yes blush a little but I’ve begun to show my face.

And while I don’t turn heads, I don’t mind. I think I’m beautiful.

Not in a conceited way. Inside.

And I’m brave because I’m not ashamed of my face. I’m not what a general person would find to be beautiful but that’s because they don’t “see” with their soul.

It is very important to feel beautiful or good about one's self and what they bring to the table, so to speak.

This is a hugely important lesson. To me, if I had felt beautiful all my life, I’d have made different choices.

I’d not have chosen toxic interactions and relationships. It takes a long time to heal from “beliefs”. A very long time. Some never do.

I love using your products. They smell amazing and I enjoy my routine night and day. I think you are amazing and inspiring and you put your heart into this company.

But you make it about people. You make a difference.... a beautiful difference.

Thank you."

-Customer who will remain anonymous.

I hope her words and story will stir something within you. There are so many people who need to hear that they are good enough, right now. You might be one of those people. And if that's you, know that healing is possible for you. Your journey can start now. Or, you might be someone who needs to share that message with the people around you. I encourage you to share the series (you can find them on our journal here) or share your own personal stories with others who need to hear them. They are so powerful.


Until next week...


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