Beliefs, Pt. 3

Beliefs, Pt. 3

Dear Reader,

Now that you’ve become more aware of these false beliefs, their power, and perhaps practicing replacing them with new truths, I’m going to talk about one way you can take a ton of power away from them. Especially when a false belief wants to stick around. If you missed either of the previous letters, you can find them here (part 1) and here (part 2).

Here’s the deal, the shame and lies surrounding many of these false beliefs like to hide in the dark and fester. They count on being hidden so they can grow out of proportion. So they can maintain their stronghold on us.

When we bring them to light, they lose more of their power. So, one way to really pull the rug out from under these beliefs is to share them with someone else. Share the thing you’re most scared to share. Stop hiding and embrace the weight-lifting effect that comes along with vulnerability.

You do not have to continue to be victimized by your thoughts, even if you were once truly a victim of words or a circumstance. There’s power in your vulnerability that those false beliefs don’t want you to tap into.

I want to pause here and note that there are safe and unsafe places to share, depending on what you’re going through and depending on your sensitivity. Not everyone is positioned to respond to your vulnerability in a loving way. Find someone you trust who loves you and champions you before sharing.

You might realize as you decide to open up, that some of the things you’ve believed are not at all how other people experience you.

Case in point…

After reading my last letter a friend sent me this:

“Amber I have always loved your smile. Never once have I thought anything negative about it. Your smile has NEVER failed to brighten my day.”

It’s funny how when false beliefs are shared, people jump to call them out for what they are… FALSE.

If you decide to share, let me know how it goes.

Next week I’ll share some stories from others who have overcome their alignments with false beliefs. If you want to share your story, just reply to this email. I’ll always keep them anonymous.