Do you know what's lurking in your makeup brushes?

Makeup brush cleaner

How often do you clean your makeup brushes? We recommend you clean your facial brushes (used for foundation and concealer) once per week. Brushes used for eye makeup and brows should be cleaned once per month. Cleansing them frequently will keep unwanted oils, bacteria and makeup residue off of your brushes and off of your skin. Remember: cleaner brushes = clearer skin (bonus)!

What do you clean your brushes with? We use our tea tree bar. Simply wet the soap bar in your hand, massage your brush into the bar to work up a good lather, rinse well and let your brushes dry completely before use (overnight preferably). The tea tree essential oil will rid your brushes of bacteria and unwanted oil build up while the essential oils of lemon grass and orange will leave them smelling clean and fresh! 

Richelle Paris
Richelle Paris


Richelle is the operations manager at Bambu Earth. She also coordinates our spa parties. She lives in Mission Viejo, CA with her husband and five daughters. She enjoys people, coffee, cooking, thrifting and spending time with her family.

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Stephanie Longcob
Stephanie Longcob

July 27, 2016

I love that the tea tree bar is so multi purpose! I’m going to clean my brushes today. Thanks for the reminder.

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