Cleanser... Not just for your face!

mini cleanserWe all want to use natural deodorant in order to rid our bodies of the yucky aluminum and propylene glycol used in traditional deodorants. However, we're also concerned about the actual body odor when the good stuff doesn't seem to be working. For me, it took some time and a bit of research to find one that I felt worked efficiently. You also need to give your body some time to get used to the good stuff.

A quick tip to ward off a mid day stink: keep our mini cleanser in your purse for when you need to freshen up! It contains tea tree essential oil which is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal (good stuff)! Along with rosewater which is an anti-inflammatory - it will leave you feeling and smelling fresh and clean. Apply with a cotton pad for lasting freshness!

Richelle Paris
Richelle Paris


Richelle is the operations manager at Bambu Earth. She also coordinates our spa parties. She lives in Mission Viejo, CA with her husband and five daughters. She enjoys people, coffee, cooking, thrifting and spending time with her family.

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