How do your beauty brands speak to you?

How do your beauty brands speak to you?

by Jenna Milazzo

We are constantly bombarded with words through media telling us what we should buy, how we should eat, what we should look like, who we should act like, and the list goes on. The message we hear is “You’ll look gorgeous with this product!” or “Buy this and you’ll feel better!”. The problem with this kind of language is that this tells a person that there is something wrong with them and they need this (fill in the blank) to make them better, more beautiful, more desirable, more loved. It’s just not true. This kind of language is a slippery slope as we start to internalize and believe these things (then, worse, repeat them!). We make excuses for ourselves and allow others to define who we are. We get used to this kind of language and accept it as good and normal.

Words matter, and the words brands speak matter too. What are the brands that you subscribe to, follow, and purchase from speaking to you? How are they equipping you to be a full version of you that is already beautiful? Are they preying on your fears and insecurities and tearing you down to sell you products? Are they promising you that they can make you look less like you? Or are they building you up by speaking love and truth over you and celebrating you as a unique, authentic individual? 

It is hard to separate from these dialogues when this is what our culture has been telling us for so long, but I believe we can do it. I believe we can make a shift and start to change the way we speak and who we let speak to us. At Bambu Earth, we hope you feel valued, worthy, and completely free to be you. We intentionally choose words that speak truth over you and define you as beautiful for you (not for how your skin appears). Although we are extremely passionate about and care about holistic health, our skin, and helping our bodies to be the most healthy they can be, our focus is not to make you more beautiful. We can't make that happen. You’re already beautiful.

How does your beauty brand speak to you? from Bambu Earth on Vimeo.